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Kevin Ahearn Co-Founder, CTO of Bureo Skateboards Bureo Skateboards. Bureo Skateboards designs and manufactures a unique line of sustainable skateboards, utilizing the growing amount of recyclable plastic waste from Chilean communities and coastlines. By offering recycled high-quality products, Bureo enables ethically conscious consumers to support and encourage recycling development and job growth for local inhabitants in Chile.
Kevin Ahearn Co-Founder, CTO of Bureo Skateboards.

Sean Armstrong co-founder at Tuloko. Tuloko ‘curates’ business information for minorities and female business owners (M/WBE) to help connect: consumers, large corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions with historically underutilized businesses (HUBs). We are a Yelp (B2C side) and Angie’s list/Elance (B2B side) for minorities and women who own businesses.
Sean Armstrong co-founder at Tuloko.

Devin Baptiste Founder at GroupRaise Meals are fundraisers where groups of 20-200+ dinners eat at a local restaurant who is donating a percentage of their meal sales to a charitable cause. These meals are organized, found, and marketed online. The organization process, which could take weeks before or in some cases was not even possible, now takes minutes on
Devin Baptiste Founder of

Aspasia Kml co-founder at Reciclata. Reciclata changes the way recycling works, by providing incentives for consumers to recycle. Reciclata brings the recycling facility closer to the recycler and offers financial motivation. We create a marketplace between collectors and recyclers which will be facilitated by a rewards system and game mechanics.
Aspasia Kml co-founder at Reciclata.

John Lambie is the founder of Dextr.  Dextr is a faster, simpler, smarter text entry solution for the 5-billion strong mobile-only generation. Used for smartphones and tablets, it combines finger-friendly usability and advanced text prediction with an alphabetically organized keyboard. These innovations make it faster to learn, easier to use, and simpler to master than any other keyboard. 
John Lambie is the founder of Dextr

Siva Rajendran founder at Totus power. Totus Power sells battery-based power packs to schools in the developing world. “Jupiter 6” is a never before done portable, with a modular & powerful battery based power pack specifically designed to power classroom equipment in the developing world. Reusing ‘used’ Li-Ion batteries from electric vehicles our product solves this problem with a power pack 10X cheaper & 6X more powerful than market alternatives. Designed like Legos, the schools can buy as much or as little capacity as they can afford. 
Siva Rajendran founder at Totus power

Jorge Leiva Lavalle, former Minister of economy of Chile, Closing speech

First blessing for Start-ups by Padre Laurent Pavec

Christian Perez, Jan Swanberg, Presentation experience

Juan Gómez, Director de Corporación Chiloé

Filipe Ribeiro , former Director-General of international NGO “Médecins Sans Frontières”

Leslie Forman, professora Social Entrepeneurship 1° Round table discussion

Padre Hodge, 1° Round table discussion

Stephan de la Pena, 1° Round table discussion

Marcela Ballara, 1° Round table discussion

Stephan de la Pena, Padre Hodge, Leslie Forman, 1° Round table discussion

Marcela Ballara, Stephan de la Pena 1° Round table discussion

Filipe Ribeiro Answer to question

Filipe Ribeiro, Francine Brossard, 2° Round table discussion

Eugenio Vergara S 2° Round table discussion

Carolina Carrasco 2° Round table discussion

Juan Alejandre Contreras Livicoy, 2° Round table discussion

Carolina Carrasco 2° Round table discussion

Francine Brossard, Juan Contreras, Eugenio Vergara 2° Round table discussion

Pierre Le Goff, Filipe Ribeiro

Jorge Antonio Veas Palma, Conclusion of round tables

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