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A 2 day event that will take place at CASA CHILOTA, García Reyes 
N°596 – Barrio Yungay – Santiago Centro- Metro Cumming 
on April 8th & 9th 2014

A Charity Wine & Cheese is organized on April 9th 
for the NGO’s Puntos Corazon


Social entrepreneurship is a rapidly evolving field that leverages entrepreneurial principles towards solving social and environmental problems. It represents a new lens through which individuals and organizations around the world are creating meaningful and sustainable change.

In our view, social entrepreneurship is a landscape that includes innovative and evolving business enterprises such as microfinance, microenterprise development, bottom-of-the-pyramid markets, fair trade and the like.

The main actors of social entrepreneurship in Chile will tell you what the latest trends are, the innovative teaching methods, networks or projects and how the perspective of social Entrepreneurship in Chile. They will help you too to define and clarify what social entrepreneurship means, how it is practiced, what you can do to participate within this movement.

The conferences will illuminate how a generation of change makers is exploring and developing new approaches and business models to address the world’s most critical challenges.

The event’s goal

To encourage better solutions to the world’s most pressing social problems. We aspire to convene at an event in Chile that :

Showcases cutting edge ideas, trends, and people in social enterprise

Connects aspiring and experienced social entrepreneurs with networks and partnerships to accelerate social change

Challenges, strengthens, and advances social entrepreneurship in Chile

What you’ll learn

An overall understanding of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Chile

New types of organizations, education and business models used to create social change

Opportunities and challenges for the future of social entrepreneurship

Who this conference is for

Anyone who wants to learn more about the latest in social entrepreneurship in Chile and how it is being used to create social change around the world

If you have an idea for a project, organization or business, you’ll learn how other change makers have brought their ideas to life

You want to become part of a community using entrepreneurship as a vehicle for creating bold, innovative social impact

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