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A technnological research non-profit organization specialized in sustainable Information Technology

for off-grid people and for the planet 

Research on innovative local communication networks with no Internet, no network, and energy-efficient : 

To help off-grid population communicate in emergency situations 

- To preserve the planet with low-energy local communication network 

Notre mission

Local communication
with mobile devices

Large gatherings, natural disasters or areas not covered, people may find themselves without a mobile connection, because the networks are saturated, broken, or not accessible. Spotrotter is looking for innovative technological solutions to communicate locally from mobile to mobile in emergency situations when there is no Internet or telephone network.

Extensive communication
with quantum physics

The properties of quantum physics, in particular the principle of superimposition of states or quantum entanglement, make it possible to explore new modes of long-range communication.

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Areas not covered

Provide advice and communication tools to a sustainable and responsible cocoa plantation in the Ivory coast

Socially isolated populations

Experimentation with communication tools with NPO’s Puntos Corazon in a shantytown of Valparaiso in Chile.


Examples of use

Large crowds

Information broadcasting in refugee camps with saturated networks

Natural disaster

Communicate with crowds during emergencies such an earthquake

The team

Our partners

Startup Chile

1° accelerator in Latin America created by the Chilean government based in Santiago, Chile.

Jean-Louis Laporte

Social entrepreneur with an engineering degree and MBA.

Filipe Ribeiro

Former managing director of NGO Doctors without Borders.

Pierre Le Goff

Entrepreneur based in Chile.


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